When opinion is no more a tool to decide

Inside our head we carry an in-built measuring scale. This scale is no less unique than the finger prints or irises. However this scale is not something which we are genetically endowed with but it is something we develop. The entire stimulus received and all the reactions generated in one’s existence so far are working 24X7 to add new inches to the scale, modifying the old intervals and wiping out a few. As any random person/object catches our attention for any random reason the in-built scale starts working. Opinions start getting formed inside. No wonder we as carriers of trillions of opinions are so different from each other. This ‘difference’ brings both the attraction and hostility. This difference makes things happen. How would the world look like if we all stop this super-efficient judgment-generating machine, which runs on autosuggestion mode? The first thing we might feel that we are no more carrying the luggage of ‘precooked or half-baked or stale bundles of opinions’ on our shoulders and that must make us feel lighter. This is a state that I often feel when my practice goes strong and a sense of penetrating objectivity into my rational being makes me feel confident. I don’t bother about others cue to make me feel either happy or agitated.

But after few days/ hours my mind feels somewhat restless as it start looking for a wall of opinion making process to rest on. It starts feeling insecure about the future, it starts rewinding the past. ‘Could-haves’, ‘should-not- haves’ and ‘if only’ become phrases I frequently use in those stressful mental conversations. It appears that our minds are obsessed with making opinions which are again being used by mind as fuel to keep the mental machine on. I wonder how I am supposed to deal with situations involving ‘solid future plans’ or how to address the abstract dilemmas like ‘what-do-I-want-to-do-with-my life’ with this ‘intellect minus opinion’ mental system. I observe, as my mind tries to find the answers in daily practice, a dangerous loop of expectation and craving starts taking shape. Taming the monkey mind is not easy. Great vigilance, intelligence and alertness are needed to develop the faculty of equanimity. Guruji’s words seem to be the guiding light in dealing with this real life paradox.

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