Life is so mysterious. One part of my mind wants answers, and wants them now. I know there are answers to these riddles, and I imagine being much more content once I figure them out. Instead, what I usually find is another riddle. Often, I discover that forced solutions end up being the wrong solutions. When I look deeper inside, I understand that the right solution often takes time to mature, so why is it so agitating to be without an answer? Why is finding patience so hard?

When I evaluate my past, I rarely question the solutions I developed as that is merely the final product. What I end up second guessing is the process. Did I make the most of my time? Did I properly engage other people and utilize their input? Did I carry myself the way that I want to? These evaluations all come back to being present in the moment. Simply, it matters to me that I was present and loving, not whether I was right or wrong. I think this is true for most people.

So why do the open questions in our lives cause so much turmoil? Why are we so attached to finding solutions and being right? I’m not sure how to answer these questions, but I’m realizing that instead of allowing challenges to produce stress and anxiety in my life, I want to frame them as opportunities to practice being present and loving. Suddenly, I’m realizing I have more opportunities to practice being patient than I could ever imagine. Time to meditate.

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