Love During War

I can only imagine the amount of suffering on a battle field; there are scars, both physical and mental, that would last a lifetime. As I ponder the depth of pure love, I believe it has the strength to cleanse these old wounds. Maybe in an extraordinary person, the ability to love may even be present on the battle field. I have a hard time imagining what this would look like. War seem like a series of tactical choices that always result in suffering. Could pure love transcend these impossible decisions? These are hypotheticals far beyond my scope.

I would like to stretch the limits of the worlds I try to love. I tend to only think about being more loving and accepting of my family, or a romantic love, or maybe trying to love someone who made me angry. Intellectually I know that there are situations far worse than these. I know my life has had a relatively small amount of suffering. Yet I can feel the potential of love to be so much more; I think pure love has the power to heal life long wounds.

I will continue to work to grow in dhamma and grow in metta. Maybe someday I will be strong enough to help others heal. For now I’m still working hard to heal myself.

Or maybe I’m living in a fantasy land having watched too many Disney movies. Maybe the world is bound to be full of suffering. Maybe there will always be reckless conflict. I hope not. Time to meditate.

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