2 Hour Requirement

At the end of every 10 day course, SN Goenka tells people they should make a strong determination to sit for 2 hours every day for one year. While I’m committed to sitting 2 hours every day, I’m not sure I like the consequence of this challenge. What if someone is unsuccessful with this strict daily discipline. If someone doesn’t meet this high bar, will they not benefit from the practice? Most people quit their daily practice shortly after their 10 day course, and I’m wondering if this seemingly impossible goal is part of the issue. I’m hear to say that I’ve heard from many meditators that they’ve benefited from a daily practice regardless of how short it is. The key, from my perspective, is to set a goal that you feel comfortable with, and stick with it. Over a period of months or years, you can increase this period, but it’s not necessary to become the ideal meditator over night.

I’m not trying to undermine what Goenka has taught. I think the bar of 2 hours a day is good for very serious meditators. I just think it’s important for us, as the community of Vipassana meditators, to encourage all meditators to keep working, regardless of the stage of commitment they have with their practice, and to help them to feel included in this community.

As a society, we have a lot of learning and growth ahead of us, but we need to respect and appreciate the time and effort it takes to reach the higher levels of this practice. I hope everyone who has given up on this practice because to the extraordinary daily demand become motivated to pick it back up at whatever level of commitment they’re comfortable with. Time to meditate.

3 thoughts on “2 Hour Requirement

  1. Sanjeev Prasher

    From my personal experience, I can say that 2 hours practice is essential. I practised 2 hours daily for about 2 years and made good progress. After that, due to professional and family demands, I could not continue my daily practice. Although, I practise daily for 1 hour and attend one 10 day course every year, but am unable to progress.

  2. Susanna Kelly Winters

    I have struggled immensely with even an hour a day, and have often found myself discouraged and avoiding sitting at all. I have also found that when I sit for even a half hour a day, and spend some time reading and learning more, I naturally spend more time while driving, walking, talking with customers or my family…the stuff of daily living…observing the breath and sensations, and remaining equanimous.

  3. I’ve meditated on average 1 hour everyday for the last 1 year. My mind stills runs away every couple of minutes and my sensations are mostly limited to large areas. I think my progress is limited because I always give in to my cravings for overeating and junkfood.

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