The Right Rate of Change

I’ve often felt that the growth I observe in myself from my practice is too slow. I’m investing 2 hours a day in this practice, and sometimes it seems that my growth is at a snails pace. When I look out into the world, it seems that we’re in for some troubled times ahead, and that we need to make changes now to prevent disaster. What I’m discovering is that we, regardless of whether I’m referring to just myself or society as a whole, can only grow and change at the rate that we’re comfortable with. Some people hold onto their old patterns a little bit more tightly and grow a little bit more slowly, but that’s just the way it is. This is not a fault of Vipassana, the individual, or society. We are all wired in a certain way at this moment, and our rate of change is dependent on that current wiring.

So what about the inevitable disasters that will face our society? Well, regardless of whether they’re disasters or celebrations, the natural product of our past decisions and actions will come to fruition. We will face them as they come. If we accept ourselves, each other, and society as it is right now, we have a better chance of planting new seeds of peace, love, and prosperity.

Vipassana has helped me develop the strength to face the present suffering within myself, and to accept all individuals for who they are right now. I also still have many attachments that I grasp onto tightly. That’s just who I am. At least who I am today. Everything is bound to change. Time to meditate.

One thought on “The Right Rate of Change

  1. Paging Mrs Zen

    “If we accept ourselves, each other, and society as it is right now, we have a better chance of planting new seeds of peace, love, and prosperity.” So beautifully said!

    Re rate of growth- Ones spiritual journey is so personalised, the rate seems to depend on the individual and life’s circumstances. There’s a correlation, for me at least, between the tougher the curve ball thrown, the faster my growth occurs. But growth is growth, whether it’s snail paced or galloping it makes no difference. No need to place a value on the pace of it. Any growth and awareness of reality is helping you in your journey to become enlightened.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I really enjoy your blog. I’m very new to vipassana so it’s very helpful to read other’s experiences.

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