Humbly Enter the Discussion

Vipassana is a beautiful path of self-discovery. We have been taught an exquisite technique that allows us to discover truth within ourselves. In my experience, my daily practice brings me tidbits of truth every so often. These tidbits need to be integrated into my previous understanding of life. This is a continuous process requiring me to constantly break down and rebuild my beliefs and views. This is my process for developing wisdom.

So how do I question my intellectual beliefs and discuss my thoughts with others within or outside of this tradition without causing discord or conflict? Well, first of all, I talk a whole lot less than I used to. In the past, I would embrace and enjoy a good intellectual debate. There was an adrenaline high I used to get by engaging and winning these debates. Now I’m much more selective regarding which people I discuss my questions and confusions with. If everyone in the conversation isn’t humbly seeking wisdom, I simply don’t get involved. I tend to avoid having large public discussions since I don’t want people to misinterpret my perspective.

I used to limit my discussion to other meditators in this tradition which had its pros and cons. The benefit was that all of my inputs were supporting my daily practice. The consequence was that I became very isolated within this tradition. Now that I’ve established my daily practice, I honestly think that most people on this planet have some piece of wisdom to contribute to my life. Maybe the key is being established enough in my practice to peacefully and humbly enter these discussions so I can navigate between the helpful and destructive ideas. Everyone deserves respect for the wisdom they’ve gained from their life experiences. Incorporating all of these different tidbits into my collective understanding helps strengthen my overall wisdom. We all need to keep growing in wisdom. Time to meditate.

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