Helping Each Other Live The Life Of Dharma

Dhamma Projects invites you to take part in a global experiment taking place both face to face and online. Once a month, where possible at the same time, Vipassana communities across the world will sit together with the aim to support and encourage each other to live the life of dharma.

What that means and looks like for each different community or group will be part of the process. It could be to encourage each other to maintain sila and regular practice, it could be to come together to carry out a community project. Each monthly session will include watching one of the 10 day discourses given by S.N Goenka, group meditation time and discussion.

Do you meet regularly to sit with other Vipassana meditators? Can you imagine this process adding benefit to your practice?

Do you live far away from any group but would like to create your own online group to be part of this process?

Dhamma Projects seeks to create an online platform to help facilitate and capture the fruits of this process. Can you advise or help us to create this?

Get in touch:

If not, Dhamma Projects would appreciate your comments right here on Living Vipassana so we can get a conversation going. Without it, this will just remain an idea.



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