How Should I Love Now?

I’m starting to realize that there is not one simple answer to the question of how to be a loving person. My current state of mind has a large influence on what it means for me to be loving in this current moment. If I’m agitated or angry, it’s probably better for me to take some space so I can find peace within myself. If my mind is quiet and open, I might be able support people going through difficulties in a more active way. On a continuous basis, the best way form me to be a loving person is changing.

This reality is obviously true for other people as well, but I still find myself judging the choices other people make. Sometimes I’m shocked that a person is avoiding dealing with something, and sometimes I’m angry when someone sticks their nose into a situation that I think they should stay out of. But who am I to say what the right action is for someone else? Do I know their current state of mind? Absolutely not! Although I tell myself all the time that I do.

One of the most profound impact Vipassana has had on my life is that it has taught me how little I really know about what is going on in the minds and bodies of other people. The truth is, most of the time I don’t even know what’s going on in my own mind and body! This humility has allowed me to become more peaceful and present with the people around me because, when I pause the think, I realize that they’re doing the best they can just like me. Time to meditate.

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