The Next Generation of Goenka Meditators

50 years ago, S. N. Goenka started teaching Vipassana to a new generation of meditators. Thousands of his inspired pupils became meditation teachers, carrying his instructions around the world. Now seven years after Goenka’s death, there is an entire generation of Goenka followers that never met him. The first generation of Goenka students have become elders. The time has arrived for the next generation of leaders to start molding the future of this tradition.

This blog is a space for this next generation of Goenka meditators to reflect on the positive influence Vipassana has had on their lives while exploring how we can preserve the Buddha’s teachings for future generations.  Every meditator has experienced their own personal journey leading to a unique set of beliefs and perspectives. We are not here to say that any one perspective is better than another. This blog is a place for writers to share their personal perspectives and for readers to connect through similarities while developing understanding of the differences. There are no right or wrong answers here.

With that in mind, we ask everyone to enter this space with the intention of coming together, not to fortify divisions. By infusing our meditation practices into this dialogue, we will ensure that as individuals and as a community, we are all walking in the direction of truth, love, and liberation. May all beings be happy!

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