A Loving Home

Meditation has helped me learn how to love myself, but how do I extend this into a loving home, a loving family, and a loving friend network. With an established meditation practice, my mind stays present, positive, and focused. It feels like every step I take is in a positive direction, even if that step is very small. There’s no more taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Yet I still feel like I’m stuck within myself.

In the past I’ve always connected with people over a shared perspective, understanding, or interest. Now I feel like meditation is the foundation of my understanding of the world, and is the tool that will help me improve the world around me, but 98% of the people around me don’t share this understanding. How do I extend this loving feeling I have within myself to the people and space around me?

I understand that love is supposed to be unconditional expecting nothing in return, but is the desire to share my journey with other people wrong? Some of my closest friendships in the past formed through the shared struggle of difficult tasks. When life gets hard it’s easy to see who you can trust and who is in it for themselves. Am I looking for other meditators to share the difficult journey with or am I just wanting to feel connected to my community? How do I stay connected when I no longer value many of the things that are valued in my community?

Primarily, I think I just want to get outside of my own head. Life is good now that I don’t get in my own way so much, but I want to figure out how to make life great. I want to find a way to connect to more people in a way that’s meaningful to me. Time to meditate.

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