Finding Inner Space

As we continue our practice and navigate the sensations as they arise and pass, we find more space inside of us when we are concentrated. That space, sometimes can be felt physically. Scanning our body sometimes we feel that we are taller/longer. Another days when we are not so grounded, or “in the mood” we might feel shorter, not so expanded. When we feel more expanded, we tend to sit taller and our heart seems to be more open. If we include some Metta meditation at the end of our Vipassana practice we will probably feel it more with more intensity. Of course this is a process with ups and downs, but as we move forward in our practice we feel that we develop more sensitivity and equanimity.

Finding inner space allows us also to find more peace in our interaction with the outer world. When we are under pressure or engaged in a conversation, frequently, we react quickly, almost instinctively to whoever is in front of us. This is especially true when there’s tension or a potential conflict with another person. Our inner space allows us to pause and ground ourselves at least for a microsecond before we react. I like to think that finding that inner space within me is my contribution to the peace with others.

One thought on “Finding Inner Space

  1. jan to april I and my friend were able to practise regularly in morning for 30 to 45 mins. it did not make me irritated during that period. these days I am not very regular and can feel the difference. friend moved to bay area. sangha is good to strengthen our self. individually at times we are lazy.

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