The Missing Piece

I’ve been in many conversations about the logic of various religions. We would put each set of religious beliefs up against the scientific method and each other. Logic says that there must be one right way and many wrong ways. In the beginning I viewed Vipassana in the same discussion. I would try to explain why Vipassana was the right spiritual path for me while other spiritual paths must be wrong. After a few years of experience meditating, I no longer feel that Vipassana belongs in this type of discussion.

Instead, I feel that Vipassana allows me to connect with and cultivate a part of myself I didn’t have access before. It gives me the ability to tap into my subconscious mind and clean it out which sharpens my conscious mind allowing me to observe subtler and subtler truths about the world. Vipassana isn’t a belief system that tries to convince you of its truth over other truths. It simply helps you purify your mind so you’re able to see the truth for yourself.

Vipassana contributes to these religious discussions in a different way. It allows individuals to examine their own personal and religious beliefs at a subtler and subtler level. Instead of try to convert people by replacing their religious beliefs, Vipassana allows you find that 5% of your past religious beliefs that were illogical, misunderstood, mistranslated, or just forgotten and allows you to relearn them from a more advanced seat. In the long run this will strengthen and crystallize your religious beliefs into one coherent and easy to understand set of truths.

Vipassana is a technique to help you to discover truth on your own. Once people from different backgrounds experience and understand this truth, they can start walking on the path to enlightenment together. What a cool way to resolve differences. Time to meditate.

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