Jobs for Meditators

So what career allows someone to invest in the growth of people, take two week breaks periodically for meditation courses, provide enough income to support a family, and still permit enough time and resources to have a life? My best answer is to teach. I’ve enjoyed working with kids in the past, and with a Masters in Biomechanics, I’m hoping it won’t be too hard to find a job, even though I don’t have a teaching license. We will see.

Of course, with my goal of making meditation normal, I like considering how other people incorporate meditation into their working lives, and how we could make it easier. Can we think as groups of meditators instead of just as individuals? What if a company encouraged their employees to meditate? Could a business have morning sittings together or a separate room for meditation? How could we make this happen?

I’ve read about how meditation has impacted some schools by having all of the students and teachers focus on their breathe together for 10 minutes a day, but I can’t even imagine how to introduce that to a school. Maybe as an after school activity? Maybe the first step would be to invite some fellow teachers to sit a 10-day course. Uh oh… I can feel myself becoming a “crazy meditator” again.

For now, I just want to focus on getting a job as a teacher, and being the best teacher I can. I won’t hide that I’m a meditator, but I won’t push it either. Let’s see how it goes!

5 thoughts on “Jobs for Meditators

  1. Ben Schlamb

    I like it Ryan! You will be an amazing teacher, and I think your goal of incorporating meditation into an educational setting will turn out to be easier than it may seem. I think that as people get to know you they will naturally be drawn to your positivity and patience and will be curious to sit a course for themselves…I think that you will quickly find a good group of likeminded coworkers and set the ball rolling for this. I am very excited to hear where you end up working.

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