People Can Change

Vipassana has a special message to share with the world; People can change. Youthful optimism transforms into frustration, stubbornness, and pessimism with age as individuals repeatedly run into the same barriers in their efforts to make the world a better place. The expectation that everyone is acting according to their own volition has created the belief that some people want to be mean, disruptive, and disrespectful. As meditators, we know that most human actions are reactions to the conditioned subconscious mind. No matter how badly we want to change our relationships and experiences, we will remain stuck until we learn how to unpack the subconscious mind.

Vipassana is the secret weapon for change. Through meditation people discover that below the hardened surface, everyone is full of peaceful, joyful, unconditional love. Every negative action a person performs is simply their mind being overpowered by mental impurities. The individual doesn’t even know that their negativity is rooted within their own mind and not in the world around them. We need to discover how to spread this message beyond those ready to sit a 10 day course. This simple realization can greatly reduce the tension and animosity felt around the world. Any ideas? Time to meditate.

2 thoughts on “People Can Change

  1. Jai

    New students are eager to stay connected and be inspired in this eternity (not just one life) changing task.

    With your blog you too have begun to change the world. One reader at a time.

    Undoubtedly many readers may not have taken a course but are seeking to read just that little bit more that will help firm up their enrolment.

    But do realise that while the horse may be brought to the trough it cannot be forced to drink.

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