I Believe

Dreams are a funny thing. When I believe my dreams are possible, I’m willing to sacrifice everything and work tirelessly to achieve them. When I submit to the struggles of life, I escape the difficulties through sensual pleasures and surrender to long term failure. Over the last few years I’ve been waiting for someone to lead me to a better place. In this crazy world, I’ve been searching for someone with great courage, strength, and intelligence to guide us all to a more compassionate, sophisticated, and civil world. I’ve been waiting because I haven’t had the gumption to stand up as a leader myself.

I’m sure there are tremendous leaders out there, but I haven’t found one in my spheres that has bigger dreams or more comprehensive ideas than me. While it would be so much easier to follow and support someone else’s vision of the future, in order to pursue my big dreams, I need to be willing to lead. Maybe I’m naive, and maybe I’ll fall short, but I’m always at my best when I’m shooting for the moon. It’s time to organize my thoughts, synthesize my ideas, and share my vision with the world. Hopefully I can sustain my optimism long enough to follow through on this intention. Time to meditate.

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