I found myself Googling Rivers Cuomo, the Weezer guitarist, last night after a friend recently mentioned that he is a serious Goenka Vipassana meditator. I knew that at one point, but had forgotten.

Let me just say that after visiting his personal website, I am extremely humbled and inspired by him as a meditator. The first section/tab of the site is called “Dhamma” — ie the Dhamma part of his life isn’t hidden away somewhere in an obscure part of his bio. It’s the first and most prominent tab. Pretty neat. I further discovered that he has sat and served numerous 10-day courses, and even a handful of 30 and 45 day courses. He is also a father of two, and perhaps most impressively, one post mentioned that he sits 2 hours a day very consistently, missing his sits only the day he was in a serious bus accident in 2009 (not sure how up to date this is, but still).

In conclusion, I was inspired. I sat this morning with a little more resolution than usual. We can do this–live courageously as Vipassana meditators in this complex, modern, world, that is.

And I’m listening to Weezer as I stand here typing this post and drinking my coffee in my kitchen, ha! Have a great day!

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About Ryan Shelton

While I'm currently married to a beautiful woman while teaching physics at Padua Academy, these descriptors fail to capture the totality of my adventurous life. I have hiked over 1700 miles, traveled to 5 continents, managed a bakery, started a meditation center, counseled troubled teens, attended Duke, UNC, and Harvard, protected forests as a wildland firefighter, volunteered thousands of hours with Americorps, rafted the Grand Canyon, SCUBA dived on the Great Barrier Reef, and continues to find new adventures. I hope my writing encourages you to pursue your dreams and be the best version of yourself while supporting your communities to work together to solve the current challenges in our world.

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