I found myself Googling Rivers Cuomo, the Weezer guitarist, last night after a friend recently mentioned that he is a serious Goenka Vipassana meditator. I knew that at one point, but had forgotten.

Let me just say that after visiting his personal website, I am extremely humbled and inspired by him as a meditator. The first section/tab of the site is called “Dhamma” — ie the Dhamma part of his life isn’t hidden away somewhere in an obscure part of his bio. It’s the first and most prominent tab. Pretty neat. I further discovered that he has sat and served numerous 10-day courses, and even a handful of 30 and 45 day courses. He is also a father of two, and perhaps most impressively, one post mentioned that he sits 2 hours a day very consistently, missing his sits only the day he was in a serious bus accident in 2009 (not sure how up to date this is, but still).

In conclusion, I was inspired. I sat this morning with a little more resolution than usual. We can do this–live courageously as Vipassana meditators in this complex, modern, world, that is.

And I’m listening to Weezer as I stand here typing this post and drinking my coffee in my kitchen, ha! Have a great day!

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