Vipassana And Yoga

Vipassana has transformed my yoga practice but I didn’t notice until I returned from long-term service. I used to participate in yoga classes the same way I did sports. I would push myself to make progress, get a good workout, and hope that my flexibility might improve.

My first yoga class after 7 months at the center was different. I was weak and out of shape. I had every reason to get frustrated. Instead I just tuned in to my sensations the way I had been for months at the center. I was able to accept things on a yoga mat like I never had before. Vipassana instantly transformed from a sport I did for exercise to an activity that helps me keep my body healthy while deepening my meditation practice.

I’ve gone to 4 classes since returning and they’ve all carried this new-found understanding of yoga. As I struggle with the competitive aspects of other sports and physical activities it’s nice to have one that is helping me both physically and mentally. I’m curious where I’ll be with my practice in 6 months but I can envision having a 15 minute daily routine I do with my daily meditation. We’ll see.

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