Love and Truth in My High School Classroom

With mass shootings and teen suicide on the rise, there is a need to discuss what is important in life, and what is not. Most of us are running around trying to accomplish short term goals not realizing that our efforts are leading us towards an undesirable destination harming ourselves and others along the way. In an effort to discuss these issues in my high school classroom, I challenged my students to evaluate 2 opposing sets of goals.

Set 1 vs. Set 2
Get a great job vs. Work hard to find a job where you can help society.
Get good grades vs. Measure your skills and growth to learn how best to serve.
Make lots of money vs. Make what you need, then share.
Fall in love and live happily ever after vs. Find a partner to share the up and down journey of life.
Build a resume vs. Find opportunities to contribute to your community.
Be the best at what you do vs. Accept and love who you are.
Stand up for your perspective vs. Listen and learn from people with different perspectives.
A message that was originally shared with just 23 students has now reached the ears of all 750 students in my high school as well as the faculty, administration, and parents. Here is the video based on my students presentation:
Time to meditate.

2 thoughts on “Love and Truth in My High School Classroom

  1. tomwhitemore

    I love this Ryan!
    Dhamma in action…..

    One question I have for you and other readers.
    Could this approach have a similar impact on a mixed, more diverse school?

    Who working in education is going to take the baton from Ryan and carry this brilliant initiative on??????

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