A Perfect Destination

 This writing is taken from my previous blog, which I haven’t written in since I started writing for this site.  Most of these ideas stem from Alan Watts’ talk entitled, “The Veil of Thoughts.”
           It’s been advertised to you. Wake up. The reason someone is asleep, in the terms of awareness and union with the divine is because they are trying to open their eyes. Just like the reason there is still poverty in the world. It is not because there is not enough. It’s because people keep asking, “Where would the money come from?” They don’t realize that the money doesn’t come from anywhere, just like our eyes don’t have to look to see. The sight is already there. The sense works perfectly. It is nature. It is the divine, and our entire existence works in this way. We don’t have to control it. We don’t have to try. As a matter of fact we can’t. We can’t force ourselves to do anything. And the more we try, the less we succeed. It’s a struggle in quicksand, when we might have just dug there to find treasure at another time. Let the dream play itself out, because you can’t pin it down.
            The moth spends its existence like all other moths. It’s repetitive, but they don’t get bored or frustrated. The moth doesn’t go around worrying if it mistakes a mating call for a flame. They are never in a state of trouble, and yet they have managed to survive for thousands of years, seemingly left out of history, like the ants and the bees. Are the wild animals wiser than we are, who trouble ourselves day in and day out, preoccupied with endless things that we can do nothing about? They never predict so they are never anxious and they forget about the past as quickly as it comes so they are never in such confusion. They live in the present, even if it means running into a hot lamp. People look before and after and are always concerned if this generation will turn out better or worse then the last. On the look out for what may be a potential disaster, our consciousness is entirely preoccupied with what was then and what will be. Tormented with this tremendous preoccupation of time, we never see just how beautiful we are. But how do we stop all this commotion? The answer is that we can’t. We just have to wait and see, because even with all our anxiety, we can’t change anything. And you might find that impractical, but it’s practical to not be anxious of tomorrow, because that is something we have no say in. Those people who do not live for tomorrow have some reason to make plans for it, but those who live for tomorrow have no reason to make plans for anything because they never catch up with it, because they don’t live in the present. They live for a future which never arrives, and as soon as they let go of trying to be on top of it, they will be. That’s the paradox, because letting go of it gives you the energy you need to be there for it, fully, without contradiction.
            When you play music and the song ends, there is nothing left. That’s why music is one of the most divine practices and art forms in the world, because it is transient. The best musicians in the world aren’t the best because they finished the song the fastest. It wasn’t a victory making it to the end. It was a dance the whole way through, and it was only a dance with what the musician gave to the music. The relationship between the two. Everything in life is induced with meaning. That is to say that it is induced with the meaning that we evoke into it. And you only evoke the world in accordance to what kind of you you are. A piano will only make noise when you hit the key. The relationship between your hand and the instrument makes this possible. This is the meaning, the relationship that every organism has with each and every other. These relationships are constantly happening whether we pay them any attention or not. The marvellous interactions that our organs have within our bodies are usually ignored, however most of the time are in fantastic, harmonious relationships. However if you were to pay attention to them you would find yourself in exactly that; a fantastic, harmonious symphony of music. A mystical experience. Awareness of the dance that you are by default a part of. And this amazes you. This sense of bliss that lays dormant most of the time, underneath the chaotic world that we usually are one tracked minded in. It’s unexpected, but what else would be going on? How else would it be going on? Wouldn’t it be much simpler not to exist? There would be no problems. Everyone would have committed suicide long ago if life was fundamentally a disappointment, but life goes on.
             The most sensible people begin in life with two fundamental principles. You are not going to improve yourself and you are not going to improve the world. In many philosophies they say to know yourself. This means you, just as you are, without attempting to change anything. The effort in that is meaningless, because the part of you which is supposed to improve is exactly the same part of you which needs improving. You can try and nothing will happen except that you will exhaust yourself. At the same time, any logical assessment would be to realize that nothing is going to work out. The world is likely to destroy itself and everything will go to hell. That is a practical thought, but there is nowhere to place that bet. We have to do our best and pray that we will somehow make it out of the mess we’ve created from excessive technology and pollution. We tell ourselves to do something about it, but the same people who incessantly put down their foots making an effort to change and help the world are the ones likely to destroy it. Someone who is increasingly nervous about it will probably push the button on an atomic bomb to get rid of the other people who would do it first. In this way, all around the world people are attempting to keep things in order by preventing this and that from possible horrendous damage, but even with their good intentions they are only developing the mess further. The only way that the world won’t go to hell is if we don’t attempt to prevent it from doing so. So what do we do? Do we let the world destroy itself rapidly in this interesting way? It is interesting, how we kill ourselves, and if you are anxious about this, then you’re liable to push start on the atomic bomb. You say, “let’s get over with it,” and that makes it all the worse. The sensible ones say, “let’s see how long this lasts.” Observe it.  Play it out.
            Perhaps stars are really planets that have exploded, after eons of war and pollution. The rocks from these explosions spread through space and expanded once again into planets, one being Earth. We might be much happier to think in this way, then to think that the rock we are on is a permanent stay. Like a diamond, we see it as a dense mineral, but the reason the diamond is represented in spirituality is because it is see through. It is completely transparent, like life. It’s made of bubbles. Emotions. Flames. Eternal stimulus that can’t be touched. Life is like an eraser. A magnet. There is no explanation. No reason. It just happened that way. There are no thoughts that can state what reality is. In other words, what position are the stars in? There are no absolute positions, because it all depends on the angle you’re looking at them from. It’s based on how we describe it. Life is not a science, but an art. A formless, wiggly world that is mostly, completely irrational. So if the case is that we are all meant to rapidly kill each other, then so be it. In the meantime, live in a settled existence in the present. It’s alright if it passes by you, but it really is a great deal to go with the dance and realize that’s what you’re doing.

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