Is our happiness relative?

Everyone wants to be happy but do we really know what is happiness? Do we understand that state of mind?

Our definition of happiness is always relative to something. We rely on others for our own happiness. We rely on performance appraisals to make us happy, we reply on accolades from others to make us happy, we rely on materialistic things   – cars, houses, money to make us happy. Our happiness is conditional. If I get something…I will be happy. Some people are behind fame, some are behind materialistic things, some are behind power, some are behind status. The traps for everyone are different but they are essentially traps. These conditions are illusions of the mind which is running behind the happiness.

Look at nature – the blossomed flower. Is the flower making attempt to make you happy? Is it really bothered of your opinion about it? Is the flower only blossoms when you accolade it? Is the flower’s ability to spread fragrance depends on a prerequisite. No, the flower is just there in its total existence. Its blossoming is not attached to something, its not relative to something – Its absolute. In fact, every thing in the nature is just there, it is there in total existence and this total no relative existence of the things makes those things beautiful.

Do we really know what makes us happy? Can we delve why those things make us happy? Is our happiness dependent on other or it is a pure absolute joy? Do we really know those few moments of non relative happiness? Time to meditate.


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