Vipassana the difference between Knowing the path and walking the path

In my last post, I talked about the difference between knowing the walking the path. Today, I would like to explore it further.

For example, As a neophyte Vipassana meditator, I used to wonder – I know what is anger, I know a great deal of the disastrous effects of anger, yet when the situation arises I get angry, Why? As I dwelled on this questions coupled with practice of Vipassana, I realized something.

The first challenge was to be aware of my anger. I had to realize that I am getting angry right in the middle of a situation in which I would start behaving irrationally. I started observing the change in my breathing rate and subsequent sensations associated with that change. I realized no counter thought was necessary to tackle anger but just an awareness that I am angry made me calmer and more rational.

I realized, I know about the anger at intellectual level but I have not experienced the anger consciously at the emotional, sensational level. The moment I started doing this the intensity, frequency and duration of the anger reduced.

I also realized, the feeling of guilt was troublesome than actual anger. I should not get angry but I just did that, how can I do this? Why I fail to do control this often? With Vipassana, I started looking at the situation as it is and not the way I want it to be. I started taking myself a bit easily by remaining non-judgmental.

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While I'm currently married to a beautiful woman while teaching physics at Padua Academy, these descriptors fail to capture the totality of my adventurous life. I have hiked over 1700 miles, traveled to 5 continents, managed a bakery, started a meditation center, counseled troubled teens, attended Duke, UNC, and Harvard, protected forests as a wildland firefighter, volunteered thousands of hours with Americorps, rafted the Grand Canyon, SCUBA dived on the Great Barrier Reef, and continues to find new adventures. I hope my writing encourages you to pursue your dreams and be the best version of yourself while supporting your communities to work together to solve the current challenges in our world.

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