Knowing the path and walking the path…

Recently I came across a different form of writing – Abstract writing. Some profound, short aphorisms have the power to transform the thinking. Although these parables are short, they are condensed with insights. So, I thought of writing some parables myself.

So,here is the first parables in this series of writing. Some of them are nonfiction experiences happened with me or analyzed by me, below is an example of the same. In future, I would be sharing some insights woven in functional short parables. So, here we go, please share your comments on this new style of writing.

It was bright sunny morning. Sanket and his boss, who was a top executive at a multinational organization, walked out of the corner office to attend a training on empathy.

They were talking of empathy which has become a buzzword nowadays. They got out of executive’s office and started walking through the corridor.

The executive said, “See Sanket, you are too young to understand the complicated subject such as empathy but let me tell you few things. Empathy is all about understanding the feeling and emotions of others.. You have to feel what other person is feeling, you have to be attentive to people’s emotion and only with constant practice you will be able to do so.”

The executive kept on talking for next 5 five minutes as he reached to end of the corridor. He was engrossed in imparting his knowledge of empathy that he had not realized that Sanket has left behind. Sanket was talking someone somewhere in the middle of corridor.

The executive walked back and asked him, “ What are you doing here, you were with me till the middle of corridor but makes you stand here and talk to this sweeper instead of listening to me? You know we were talking about such a deep subject, how can you leave in between?.”

“ I stopped by to talk to this sweeper. As we walked through, I realized that our dirty shoes just spoiled hard work of this sweeper and we didn’t even bothered to say sorry to him. I was understanding how he can maintain such a patience even when hours of his work gets spoiled in minutes and people like us are not even aware of the same. I could see that pain in his eyes, I could feel his patience, I could feel his determination of starting from scratch and again sweeping the floor to perfection, so I stopped by to say sorry. I do not know but is it the empathy that you were talking about ?”

The executive was stunned as he realized the difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

4 thoughts on “Knowing the path and walking the path…

  1. Wonderful post, Sanket. This web site “Living Vipassana” it self a great place for someone to spend some time everyday and your post above is a real example of hot to live Vipassana.

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