From a Child’s Eye

As I reflect upon my Vipassana journey I’ve noticed how far I’ve deviated from my infant mind. While hanging out with my 15-month-old friend I’m amazed at how freely and energetically she engages unknown environments. As long as her parents are around, she feels optimistic about facing anything. I want to reconnect with this optimistic adventurous spirit within.

When I started Vipassana I faced many negative sensations so while I appreciated the product of the process, I found the process to be a bit of a grind. I recall my youth when my adventurous spirit took me through many difficult situations, but I never dwelled on them. I always focused on the discovery of new experiences and understood that the obstacles along the path would be challenging. Overcoming the challenges was the best part!

Now watching my little friend discover the ocean for the first time I realize that Vipassana can be quite similar to my past adventures. While I know I’ll face great challenges, I also know that Vipassana will help me through them. Slowly I need to rebuild that confidence that I’ll be able to take on any challenge that comes my way. Slowly, I hope Vipassana will shift from being important productive work to and exciting adventure where I can’t wait to discover the next twist in the road. Just like my friend’s mother holding her hand as her toes touch the ocean for the first time, Vipassana will hold my had as I explore the untouched depths of my mind. Time to meditate.

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