24/7 Happiness

My understanding of happiness is shifting. Happiness used to be based on an experience. I would do something enjoyable, and that would make me happy. I’m learning that happiness is just a state of mind independent of what I’m experiencing externally. If I’m aware of my sensations in the present moment, I’m happy. Instead of looking for excitement or an adrenaline rush, I’m satisfied finding peace and quiet.

Noise and flashy lights tend to distract me from my sensations. While this used to be a positive, I’m realizing now that it’s just an illusion. Being present with my sensations is real, open, safe, and honest. While this meditative space isn’t flashy, it no longer needs to be. The most important journey for me to walk is within so finding ways to make it easier to listen is helpful. Time to go meditate.

4 thoughts on “24/7 Happiness

  1. Pooja

    I woke up this morning thinking about happiness. How my happiness lies in different things now, in simplicity, peace and quiet. That I can be on my own and be happy.

    People are amazed at why I stay in my room for so long and not get bored.


  2. Ashish

    Guys…i have been reading this blog for about two weeks…I too did a Vipassana course twice at Karnal (India)….I am a novice trying to consolidate my sittings by sitting atleast and I believe in starting we are very euphoric and then things get settled down…i am going through this phase and it is very chaotic…..

  3. ryanshelton7

    Hi Ashish, Thanks for reading my blog. I hope it’s helpful as you develop in your personal practice. It helps me to know that others are working through the same process I am. Good luck!

  4. Hi, Ryan, I love it when in the middle of feeling too busy, too worried, too mindless, I suddenly (as if out of the blue, ha!) REMEMBER “this is NOT what I do!”, “this is not how I am!”…and I’m able to regroup into mindfullness, into acceptance, into patience. Usually pretty quickly. This is what commitment to a DAILY practice has done for me. (It’s also helped me to not have snarky thoughts about others…like I used to. Now, I sort of automatically stop those, look for a little compassion, and think something with heart. Meditation makes me a nicer person.) Good luck!

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