This post is going to struggle to have a linear path because I don’t really understand vibrations as a whole. Instead I’ve experienced little bits of the reality of vibrations that I’m going to attempt to piece together here.

Everyone knows what emotions are and everyone knows that emotions can be contagious. When one person starts laughing, everyone to start laughing. If one person is agitated, everyone around them becomes agitated. Some people are “party poopers” meaning they can ruin and type of enjoyment. Some people are “party starters” meaning they can make anything entertaining. Emotions also have different intensities. Someone like a rock star with a boat load of positive energy and charisma can excite an entire theater of people. Most people can’t.

I think emotions are the easiest place to start thinking about the vibrations we all produce because we can all relate to it. We all know emotions are real. But once you make the jump from emotions to energy or vibrations you start sounding a little new agey. I don’t want to spiral off into a conversation about communicating with dead people and the color of my aura but I also don’t want to get stuck using only the deductive reasoning of a scientist. I know that after 9 straight days of meditation, when everyone practices metta, the practice of sending positive loving energy from the body to the space around you, you can literally feel this positive energy. As I’ve purified my mind through meditation I can feel the strength of my metta, or loving energy, growing.

Many times in communication workshops I’ve seen a handout that states that 60% of communication is body language, 33% is tone of voice, and only 7% is the words you use. Is it that far of a stretch to say the 93% of communication that isn’t the words we use is based on the vibration we’re currently emitting? I’m going to  take this liberty and move on.

So if over 90% of how we come across to other people is our personal vibration how do we improve it. How many times have you heard, “Attitude is everything.” All of that schooling my help you with that 7% of your first impression but how do you improve the other 93%? In Western society I’m not sure we have a great answer for this. We’re told to exercise and take vacations to relieve stress but what else? We spend a lot more time and energy finding natural leaders than we do developing leaders. And what is a natural leader? Is it someone who was born with this gift of positive vibrations?

I don’t have any good answers so to keep from rambling I’m going to finish with one final thought. If our natural vibration really does account for 90% of how we come across to people and this meditation technique really can help you produce a more pure and powerful vibration isn’t it worth 2 hours a day of meditation?

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