Now On Facebook

I’ve created a facebook page to connect to this blog called:

If you want blog posts to come across your facebook feed just go to this site and “like” it.

I want to share my motivation for doing this.

1) I wanted to publish this blog in a place that people could easily find that didn’t require me to flood all of my friends facebook feeds. Many of my friends have no interest in meditation and I want to keep them as friends.

2) Some people might not be interested in reading every post or want to keep checking back at this site but are still interested in having blog title come across their facebook feed so they can pick off interesting posts.

3) I wanted to create a forum where a community of old students could interact about their practices. While I’ll publish all of my posts to the page I also want to invite other people to post things.

4) It might be easier to share ideas about my blog posts in an open forum like facebook than in this blog. We’ll have to experiment.

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