My First Blog – finding the right people to talk to

This is my first blog so there will be a bit of a learning curve. One of the big challenges I’ve faced with my Vipassana practice is finding the right people to discuss my practice. I can find friends that want to support me but can’t relate to where I’m coming from or what I’m doing. I can find friends that are in different parts of the country who are practicing Vipassana but are busy trying to fit their own busy lives and two hours of meditation in a day. I working on developing a group of Vipassana friends where I live but this is a pretty small pool of people with different levels of committment to their practice. With time I think I’ll develop those local friendships but for now I want to use this blog to help me process all of the challenging thoughts in my head. Maybe this will help connect me to other meditators. Maybe this will help new meditator from different parts of the country to feel less isolated. Maybe it will just be a place for me to journal. Whatever it is, I’m excited to have a space to express my thoughts and concerns so they don’t stay jumbled up and confused inside of me. It will be a challenge to fully think through and process the different ways this practice changing my life but the growth will be more potent if I’m able to fully express these changes. Here we go!

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