The Role of the Rich White Guy

     On a fundamental level, I think everyone wants to feel loved. The paradox is that in order to get others to love you, you must love them first. To be able to love someone else, you need to love yourself. To love yourself, you need to learn how to accept yourself and your current reality. Love grounded in truth and reality transforms into the all powerful Unconditional Love. Once your perspective is grounded in unconditional love for yourself, your expectations and goals naturally become practical and attainable, and you’re suddenly on an enjoyable path of growth and connection. If a group or community can all ground their reality in truth and unconditional love, I believe awesome things will happen naturally.
     The power of deep meditation is the opportunity to analyze oneself on a deeper and deeper level. Naturally, one is forced to face inner truths that are normally avoided by running through the rat race of life. If you keep meditating and sitting with these painful inner truths, you learn how to relax and accept yourself and others, because it’s the only way to alleviate the pain. Slowly but surely, your ability to love unconditionally grows.
     As a rich white guy, the most powerful thing I can do for my community is support a space where anyone can take on this enormous challenge of self discovery and self acceptance. This support can be financial, through service, or simply by trying to live in the right way. While this process is very personal, going through it together is incredibly bonding. I dream that these loving bonds will leak into the larger community.
     I’m not sure if this makes any sense to you, or resonates at all with your life experience, but it’s the foundation of how this rich white guy tries to live his life. Do with it what you will. Time to meditate.

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