Having Patience for Subtlety

How long are you willing to sit in silence with another person? Why are you more comfortable with music in the background? We rarely talk about it, but there is a strong energy associated with silent presence and eye contact. These situations make us feel vulnerable. Even though nothing is happening, sharing silence is intimate and personal. The longer you share this space, the more you become aware of how that individual makes you feel inside, and how that individual feels about you.

Meditation is a similar self discovery through intimate silence. The longer you observe this space, the deeper the truth you discover within. I think we avoid this time, because similar to intimate personal interactions, we don’t always like what we discover. We would rather hide from the truth than face it because, at least in the short term, it’s safer.

The challenge is to have patience with subtlety. While discovering unpleasant truths within is painful, this awareness is the first step to growth. As you become more engaged with the truth, you naturally grow to a more beautiful version of yourself. You just need to put in the time, which is much harder than simply turning on some music.

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