As I Go

Every sensation ‘holds’ energy.  It stores it, and depending on our equanimity to it, it affects us this or that much.  You may have heard of Chakras.  They are considered to be stronger points of energy holds in the body.  I say that all sensations are energy holds in the body, and what they contain is creative energy. Why creative? Each moment we are being destroyed and born again. Trillions of molecules exploding trillions of times per second. That is creation. So we are creative beings, but how aware are we of our creativity? How aware are we of the exploding molecules within our bodies?

As a practising Vipassana meditator, you’re probably a little more aware of them than you were a moment ago, or a day ago, or a year ago. Being aware of all your many bodies of creative energy, you can then understand a little better and then be able to express a little better what they are. In doing so you express yourself, because you are what they are. Bubbles. Tiny Kalapas. Little ‘weevlets’ of energy.

As Alan Watts goes, “And I see you today and I recognize you tomorrow, just as I would recognize a whirlpool in a stream. Just as I would say, Oh Yes, I’ve seen that whirlpool before.  It’s just near so and so’s house at the end of the river, and it’s always there.  So I meet you tomorrow and I see you’re the same whirlpool, but you’re moving, and everything you’re eating is just flowing right through you.  The problem is you see, we haven’t been taught to feel that way.”

I think this is where the term letting go comes in. Naturally, we can’t hold on. What is this I we hold on to? These exploding bubbles? This changing physical structure… Is this I? So letting go is a natural state. It is just going. So the letting comes in the equanimity. It is the awareness of the going that is the letting of it pass. It’s the equanimity of saying, “let me see how long this lasts,” or “let me see where this goes,” or simply, “let’s be aware of what’s going on… What’s passing through me as the whirlpool that I am?”

Personally, I think awareness means to understand. Understanding ourselves more and more, we can feel a change and we can think and live and be more ‘in the flow.’

There is an excellent show called Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is very Dhamma-like. What I mean by that, for example, is that the last few whole episodes of the series is the main character, a monk, trying to figure out how to end a war without violence. That’s wholesome stuff. I highly recommend it.

You will also see a bit about Chakras in it here:

If I am like a waterfall, what am I putting into this waterfall? Mentally, is it well-being, is it hard thoughts, hurtful things that are held onto and clog it up.  Are they small pebbles or big rocks of mental habits?  Physically, what do I feed it? This is easier to visualize because we are talking about tangible things and not mental ones. We eat natural things, mostly… What are you putting in your BODY of water?  Are you drinking lots of water to keep the water flowing or are you putting really dense materials in there that clog it up?  Whatever materials flow through your whirlpool or down your water fall, make sure you keep swimming with them and understand them a little more, each moment.

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