Meditation. Observation. Clear thinking.

I am writing this sitting in my friends’ place in Barcelona and I am thinking about a friend and this post will be dedicated to her.

In life we do come across people – different people, with different energies, in different places, and at different times! And it so happens that with some you bond and they remain in your life for long.

The friend, I am writing about, is going through a difficult time. She is someone who I met at work long ago and we bonded instantly. She is on my mind and I am trying to send her a positive vibe and loads of metta.

As a person, I am a nomad and I keep meeting people who become my friends over time. The world we live in sometimes can be impersonal, very cut-throat and I often discuss and try to make sense of such a situation. As a teacher, I need to be creative, I need to be intuitive and I need to have energy to sail through a class interacting, inspiring and being ‘me’. But then there are evils of working in this materialistic world and it is not enough to do what you love. I see the conflicting nature of our work culture and it is often a challenge to balance things out and be happy.

So I am trying to make sense for my friend here as more than often running to get things don’t get us things. Its alright to be slow as long as you love what you do and you know your purpose. I know, it is difficult not to get influenced by the ‘others’ – the so called ‘achievers’, the ‘runners’ but end of the day you live this life for you, it makes so much sense if you ‘live’ this life joyous, healthier, and satisfied on your own terms.

I have gone through it as well and it is no fun to get burnt out as we try to please the ‘world outside us’. It is just a matter of time, some get to see the pattern and get alert and stop. Some don’t see the pattern and miss it altogether. And some waits for some life changing event to take place and then incorporate changes in their lifestyle, altering the way they work, and of course they think. So we have a plurality in action, and each one has their own game!

As I go hop-skip-jump next couple of weeks with travel, classes, meeting friends, I would be mindfully practice what I ‘preach’ and hope I will see my friend doing a lot better when I go back home. Sending her and everyone out there loads of metta and love.
Stay happy, healthy always 🙂

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