4 thoughts on “TED Talks does Vipassana

  1. Elena

    Great to know that Vipassana has been brought to people imprisoned for committing wrong acts.
    Has anyone ever considered doing the same with politicians?

  2. I had heard about Vipassana being taught in Tihar Jail, since I am from India.
    The US prison experience was a surprise.
    The prisoner who gave interviewed seemed so happy. I smiled too.

    Thanks again for sharing, Ryan.

  3. Many politicians do Vipassana. How is one able to implement in daily life is different. Priyanka Vadra does. Arvind Kejriwal does it regularly. Benezir wanted to do. I did had the opportunity to server two courses inside Tihar. One was for drug addicts and terrorists. The other one was in juvenile jail, 3 courses of 3 day Anapana.

    1. The course for drug addicts and terrorists was in the month of Dec. 1996 when its very cold in Delhi. On 6th day of the course students came to teacher and said morning 4 am wake up and took bath with cold water from open tank and still not filling cold. I feel so much of heat within but if someone touches me, I do not have fever. This realization helps one to start unwinding oneself.

    2. The warden of juvenile jail said I know how to control these youngsters. These things will not change them. After course, local teachers went regularly to make them practise on daily basis for few minutes two times a day. After about an year the views of warden were different.

    3. There used to be one elderly person during my first visit, who was laser scientist in 1960s in India, who was brought from Canada (not sure of all these details) under terrorist act. After first course he used to meditate in his cell from 2 am till the morning. This drastically brought down the medicines which he used to take.

    4. The teachers in Delhi have followed the people who did it seriously and after coming out there family also started practising and leading a healthy life.

    Long back course was conducted in USA jail. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=vipassana+jail+usa&sm=3

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