The Words…

I was thinking about the power of words, and I wanted to start today with Mr. Cohen verses: Do Not Be a Magician – Be Magic. Leonard is certainly a master with the words but then I realized that the words we use can be both – magic or evil. There are many words we say each day but when we use them we do not pay as much attention as they deserve. I noticed the meaning of words when I had a discussion with my friend about his company advertisement. We had a little bit of an argument about how and when to use the words and how much impact the words have in general…

Then other considerations came to my mind like, how much damage and grievance the words can cause. Once we utter the words there is no way to take them back. We are not able to put things right, no matter how great our effort. Our thoughts, words and deeds shake relationships, break families, and make an impact on our world. The ripples of our fights are tangible for years to come.

This gave me some thoughts for thinking. What are really the words? What can we achieve by them, how do they translate to our emotions and how much power they carry? Are the words the fabric that creates the real meaning in this world, both good and bad?

The words are not so different from music. The music and its vibrations resonate everywhere in our mind, in our body, in every little cell and they can stay with us forever, or for a very long time. They vibrate in us, their sound coming back again and we can enjoy them again. With the words it is more subtle, but the words work the same way, they carry meaning, message and our own thoughts. It is like that with every word – each word vibrates, brings some image to our mind, and stays in the mind for some time.

When we hear or read the words they bring emotions to our mind, and these emotions make us act – fight back, justify our attitudes or positions, or take defensive stance. Even simple communication with a friend who asks a simple question – did you do this or that – brings emotions. Instead of reacting straightforwardly and replying yes or no – we start to justify ourselves and invent the stories. Why do we want to create this better image of us – the image of person who is always right? Subsequently we bury ourselves in the stream of our words instead of acting with simplicity and logic.

Noticing this with myself I resolve to pay more attention to my words, thoughts and emotions. The emotions are the first warnings about my emotional state of mind, hinting about my possible reply. There is no point to defend my EGO but much more important is to act towards achieving something with my words and not antagonizing my friends or colleagues. Realizing our emotions is the first step – because then we can control our words and actions, and thus we can control what will be created by our words – the evil or the magic.

We carry the meaning of our words from this moment to the next moment…and even to our future life. The words and thoughts are the building blocks of every project; they carry our intentions, our emotions, and our enthusiasm; thus the words create us and even much more – they create the world around us – and this world touches everybody around – either by magic or by the darker side within us. As it was said: What we think we become (Buddha).

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