Take it easy: A lesson for my everyday life

Vipassana is teaching me to take life with a gentle kindness.

Man-made society normally does not advocate for violence, but with reductionist model of growth it believes in competition. The inherent aggression of this concept often makes us unknowingly unkind towards others and even to ourselves. If we feel bad about some incident, blaming others is the easiest thing to do. If that does not soothe the pain we end up blaming ourselves. If we feel good, we usually react in the opposite order by gifting the goodies first to ourselves and then to others.

Perhaps we take things too seriously and act accordingly. An insensitive casual remark from one of my colleagues used to haunt me for half of the day and dissecting that incident took another half. After a disturbed meditation my wandering mind was the one to blame for. It is a burden indeed to always be in the loop.

In the earlier post I talked about certain newly found lightness in my being. Random engagement followed by blind reaction followed by nagging criticism or biased adulation does seem a big complex circuit which I no more feel to be in. Accepting the reality and respecting its transient nature breaks the rigidity of thought. I have started accepting my flaws and those of others, too. Removing the heavy hat of a full time Judge is so relaxing. I am happily learning how to take life as it comes. I am learning to take it easy.

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