Understanding Dharma

I have been exploring my understanding of Dharma and the role it plays in my life.

According to one source I found Dharma can be defined as  ‘a preventive measure’, ‘it is something we do to avoid problems’.  I chose to highlight this definition in my last blog because I liked its simplicity, but further investigation helped me discover Dharma to be more than just about avoiding problems:

“One often sees dharma translated as religion, duty, or even righteousness, but in fact, there is no single direct translation for dharma. Religion, duty and righteousness are not wrong; they are simply included within the idea of dharma. The word “dharma” comes from the Sanskrit root dhri, meaning to “uphold” or to “sustain.” From this perspective, the best way to think of dharma is to say, “that which upholds or sustains the positive order of things: the nation, the community, the family and ultimately even the universe.”

Through trying to better understand Dharma, one concluesion I have made is whereas my daily meditation on the whole generates positive energy, it is what I do with this energy that is key. How in my small world can I uphold or sustain the positive order of things?


What is Dharma by Shukavak N. Dasa

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