Can we influence people to start practicing meditation?

Some days back Ryan talked about Dhamma job – an idea about integrating meditation into our daily lives and involving more and more people in meditation practice so that they can benefit from the same.

I tried to delve on – How we can connect more and more people with Vipassana meditation? I tried to reflect upon how I have influenced some people to start practicing Vipassana and come up with some ideas how I was able to do it.

So, one of the first thing was – Show Do Not Tell.

Action speaks louder than words so let your actions reflect your thinking. I would share a recent experience from my workplace. I am part of a cross functional team and we had a fierce discussion on a topic, throughout the meeting I maintained composure but still made all the points and got buy-in. I was aware, maintained focus on my breathing and handled situation with equanimity. After the meeting couple of people came to me and asked how I was able to do that – maintain composure in battleground? First told them briefly but when they really took interest in understanding the process, I shared my background of Vipassana. Both of them committed to trying the practice and were expected to register for the course.

There are many examples such as this when the difference in my behaviour, difference in thinking and responding to the situation stood for itself and in retrospect it forced people to think – How this person manages to do this? I believe such demonstrations through actions rather plain rhetoric are more effective in communicating and involving more people towards Vipassana.

I strongly believe, from my experience that an ability to lead a powerful conversation explaining your analysis, your explanation of how you were able to do it is one of the most effective ways. Sure , this path would have moderate reach but it is still efficient one. I would try to share some more thoughts on this in upcoming posts.

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