Exploring an experience at a deeper level

In one of the recent posts I shared an experience to explain the difference between knowing the path and walking the path. I would like to explore that experience further and understand different components in the same. I would strongly recommend this post to understand the context of following writing.

Awareness:  Sanket believes that the most important aspect was attention. Focused attention. Sanket was more aware of things that are happening around me and hence Sanket was able to observe the dissatisfaction on the face of that sweeper. On other hand, the executive was so engrossed in imparting his knowledge on me that he had lost awareness people around him. In fact he noticed Sanket’s absence at the end of corridor.

Empathy : After attention, Sanket was able to feel what the sweeper was feeling. Sanket could feel his pain when that sweeper’s hard work was getting spoiled in front of sweeper’s own eyes. Sanket believes that after the intellectual awareness, actual feeling, actual emotions of that sweeper were actual drivers of subsequent action.

Overcoming ego unconsciously : “ I am a manager, why should I say sorry to a sweeper? Thats his job.”Such thought has not crossed Sanket’s mind for second also. Sanket talked with same respect to sweeper as he was speaking to the Executive. Unknowingly, Sanket left his ego in this incident and shown the courage to say sorry

Detachment : Sanket was able to detach myself from this incident and observe by own behavior as third person. That’s precise reason the incident is narrated with ‘ He’ and not with “ I, Me or Mine.”

Its time meditate more on such mundane incidents.

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