The Search That Vipassana Ended

I’ve written a lot about questions I still have, but I want to write some about the answers Vipassana has brought to my life. First, Vipassana is a tool to help me discover truth. Like many people, I felt that both organized religions and science were only able to provide part of the truth about life on this earth. I thought we were all on our own to piece together the best truth we could discover. This still seems true, but Vipassana has provided me a direct path to that truth. I might need to work for each step I take forward, but the practice gives me confidence that I’m walking in the correct direction.

Second, this practice has helped me understand the struggles others face in their daily lives. I had a safe, healthy childhood and I’ve been trying to understand how to help people for a long time. I could help people become stronger, smarter, and develop better lives in the outside world, but I could never connect with the roots of what makes us who we are. Vipassana has taught me that “mind over matter” isn’t always so simple. Some of our characteristics are buried so deeply inside that we don’t know how to access them and modify them. Vipassana taught me both the limits of our control and a way to access these roots. Instead of connecting individuals directly to their actions, I connect people’s actions to the impurities of their minds. I know that the roots of all people are full of love and compassion. This has been powerful because it has allowed me to forgive people who have hurt me in the past, and to move on with my life.

Third, Vipassana has validated that societies game for money, titles, and power is unhealthy. All of these things are impermanent and can only last as long as my lifetime. This practice has introduced me to qualities that can last beyond this lifetime. Qualities that promote peace, love, kindness, and compassion instead of fear, greed, and violence. I think everyone knows at some level the difference between good and bad, but if these feeling aren’t based in a strong foundation, it’s easy to get lost in societies games. Vipassana is giving me that strong foundation.

Truth, compassion, and a strong foundation are 3 benefits Vipassana has brought to my life. There are other subtle benefits, and I’m sure I’ll discover more along my path, but these three are insights I’ve been seeking for a long time. Maybe Vipassana can help you discover similar benefits. I would enjoy reading some of the benefits Vipassana has brought to your life. Time for my afternoon sitting.

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