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10 thoughts on “Your Thoughts

  1. Anonymous

    How amazing you are to keep all your experience and learning from Vipassana~I’m really impressed ~thanks for sharing~
    BE Happy

    NANA HARMONY from Taiwan

  2. Hi Ryan!

    Great work, amazing blog and very very necessary too. I’m so glad someone’s doing this. Thank you!

    All your posts make me smile deeply. Thanks for keeping it up and posting more and more. In my case, it took me a lot longer to see these things this clearly. You are bringing many challenging issues to light and always exposing different ways of seeing things with an open ended.. curious approach.

    I’ve been posting your blog’s link to different Vipassana facebook pages. So hopefully more and more people on the path can get a chance to read and share here.

  3. Otmar

    Hi Rian,
    I am glad you started this website.
    Before I read a bit I need to say how thankful I am to Paul R. Fleischman inspiring me so much these days, as I am listening to his words everytime I am in my car wherever I go.
    You can get some of his books and talks for free here: the free downloads section on
    They are just great.
    I better sit now…

  4. This year in July I had my first 10 day course, and following your blog since has been (and still is) a great inspiration, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences with Vipassana meditation! And happy new year!

  5. Thanks. I am happy to see you trying to motivate yourself and others to walk the path of Dhamma and make progress. May you be happy and peaceful. May all readers of this blog be happy and peaceful . May this community inspire countless others walk on the path of Dhamma.

  6. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that
    I have truly enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. After all I’ll
    be subscribing to your feed and I am hoping you write once more very soon!

  7. Anthony Ross

    Hi Dreya,
    I used to have an issue with this. I asked one of the teachers once and he said that imagination was a healthy thing. It is only during actual sitting meditation when you don’t want to run with the imaginings that come. It is not that you force them out of your mind, but gently come back to the breath. When you’re not in sitting meditation, you still try to meditate- being aware of breath and sensations, but if your mind goes into creative ideas, it is fine – it’s just that if you’re not aware and keeping a balanced mind with the root level of your mind – sensation (or breath) then you are generating conditioning (ultimately making you miserable) (more will be explained about that at a course – they are called Sankharas – essentially mental reactions) So do your best to stay with sensation and breath, because your mind will be clearer with that, but don’t limit your ideas or creative mind by doing so. It’s free to be as it’s always been, and your creativity will grow stronger with the technique I can assure you, from my own personal experience.

  8. Victor

    I am an accountant and hence far from creative – although in the modern era large numbers of accountants seem to get paid more for creative accounting 🙂

    Since Vipassana is all about being fully immersed in the present moment the creative person should be fully immersed in the process of creativity – which requires a wandering mind – and when that time is over then switch to present moment awareness.

    A lot of thinking and hence creativity happens in the subconscious mind – very often during sleep – so go ahead and explore this dimension if you are in that frame of mind. But when you do not need to be creative then switch back to one pointedness.

    As the adage goes – there is a time and place for everything ?

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