Social Justice From the Base of Vipassana Meditation as Taught by SN Goenka

This podcast interview with Clyde Ford via the Insight Myanmar Podcast strongly connects with me. Within the Goenka organization, my spiritual development reached a plateau that I’m happy with, but I’ve been stuck trying to figure out how to positively influence my world from this spiritual base. Working towards liberation by solely prioritizing practicing and spreading meditation doesn’t inspire me the way it may for others. Instead, I see painful divisions in our communities and individuals struggling to find a positive path forward. The wall the Goenka tradition has built around itself seems to separate us from the world. I want to be a contributing member of society building from the foundation of my meditation practice, and I’ve always felt stifled within the Goenka tradition to find the balance between growing as a practitioner while growing as a leader in my community. The balance that Clyde articulates in this discussion between a person’s work on the cushion and their work in the world is inspiring me. I’m excited that his workshop was well received at Dhamma Kunja. I hope more work is done within the organization to support meditators growing as engaged members of their communities.

One thought on “Social Justice From the Base of Vipassana Meditation as Taught by SN Goenka

  1. Tom Whitemore

    Thank you for sharing Ryan. Clyde Forde speaks with such wisdom and insight about many of the issues you have been advocating. What a great interview/conversation! From my Vipassana practice I definetely connect it to my greater ability to be inviolved in being an agent of positive change in social justice. It is so positive that he was invited to work with a centre to explore how to improve diversity. If you haven’t listen to this podcast block out 1.5 hrs and fuel your dhamma reserves.

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