Love People, Fight Harmful Qualities

It’s extremely easy to react negatively to adverse situations and blame others for our circumstances, but the anger we project on others only makes situations worse. If we want to live in a loving environment, we need to love the people around us. We need to love their negative qualities, their poor decisions, and all their past mistakes. This love allows the me to accept the current reality and support the individual acting poorly. When I’m acting from a place of weakness, external support may give me the strength to change, so I hope my support does the same for others.

It’s not the individual that is producing the negative behavior. It’s their sankaras of the past manifesting themselves in a way that is overpowering the individual. They need your help, energy, and support to grow. It’s not easy to modify old habit patterns. It takes time and consistent effort, but if we work together, we can make a difference.

We need to produce answers that help everyone win. When I go to a car dealership, it seems that both parties are trying to take advantage of the other. If they overcharge me, they’re happy with the extra profits. I would also be happy to take the car for below market value. But what if we managed to recognize that I want to support the dealer making a living while they appreciate being able to provide me with transportation. It seems like this typically polarizing situation can be framed as a win-win scenario where both parties can walk away happy. Imagine what your community would be like if everyone focused on growing together? How do we work towards a more selfless society? I’m not sure, but I believe meditation can help. Time to meditate.

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