Becoming a Householder

Another chapter in my Vipassana journey is beginning as some previous chapters are coming to a close. This past year has not been about Vipassana. From 2010 to 2015, embracing and understanding Vipassana were at the core of my life mission. After completing a year of service at Dhamma Delaware in the summer of 2015, my focus turned to establishing a householders life. I had been drifting around the east coast between Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgia, and Delaware, allowing service and growth to guide me, but I needed to establish a householders life if I really wanted to make an impact.

With a budding new Center, lots of job opportunities, and nature and cities close by, we liked the possibilities and decided to establish our lives in Wilmington, Delaware. We got married, bought a house, and both started new jobs in a 30 day span last summer. Sitting in our house today, the whole experience is still a blur and just seems ridiculous. Could we actually transition to such a grounded and seemingly permanent situation so quickly? Well, one year later, all those intuitive vibrations that convinced us to take the leap are still there. We both had successful first years at our job, we love our house, and we love being together. My first year of teaching high school science was better than expected. I was anticipating a steep and painful learning curve, but a strong, healthy, and supportive school community combined with my extensive experience working with kids helped make it a pleasant experience.  We are regular old householders, and it’s great!

This transition did squeeze Dhamma (and this blog) to the back burner. I continued to meditate at least one hour a day, and have since returned to 2 hours a day, but I did very little service and was disconnected from the whole dhamma world. Now that I feel rooted and strong in my householder life, I’m finding some time and energy opening up in my life. I’m excited to discover where my volition takes me and how Dhamma fits in. Only time will tell. Time to meditate.

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