We All Have Flaws

On a train ride down the East Coast I noticed the individuals stepping outside for smoke breaks and read an article judging obesity. It remember judging people and thinking, “You should really change your life habits.” I had this idea that it was a simple choice like turning a light switch on or off. I grew past that mentality when I decided that it only created tension between myself and others, and I would just ignore it all together. I just didn’t know what to do with it.

Then I considered how incredibly flawed we all are. Whether it’s smoking, eating, reading, math, fitness, or some other measure that separates individuals into cans and can nots, it seems silly to stand on the backs of others to separate myself only so others can stand on my back in return. We play this game all the time, but the purpose of it is disintegrating in my mind. We are all flawed, and even if we devout our entire lives to growth we will never reach perfection.

So the real question is, “Can I love and accept all people despite their flaws?” Instead of judging someone for being a smoker or being obese, can I appreciate them for their ability to carry their particular weaknesses throughout this lifetime? These burdens weigh on the shoulders of the people who carry them. The don’t need me to add to that weight. Maybe if I can become strong enough to respect and appreciate them, enough weight will be off their shoulders for them grow. If not, that’s okay too. Time to meditate.

2 thoughts on “We All Have Flaws

  1. There is no them and us, there are no flaws to be carried through a lifetime. Them, us, I, we, are processes.

    How can there be flaws in an ever changing process? The flaw would always be changing…

    How can change judge change? There’s nothing solid or permanent to judge or to be judged.

    Annica, annica, annica… Remember? 😉

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