S. N. Goenka: Notes – Day 2 Discourse

Perform Wholesome action

Don’t perform sinful action

Keep on purifying your mind

That is all.

Dhamma – nothing to take away, nothing to add.

Acting without craving and aversion.

What’s wholesome? Abstain from sinful, and what remains is wholesome.

Universal. Every religion would say this.

The difference in the explanations.

In sectarianism, Dhamma is no more Dhamma. These people, because they believe this, are wholesome people. These people, because they dress this way, look this way, are wholesome people. No…

Oh, I don’t like it when someone steals from me.

I should not steal from others. This will hurt them.

Livelihood. Doesn’t harm others and motivation is good. Right volition.

Sila – concentrate your mind with a base of wholesomeness

Don’t harm others

Don’t take any intoxicants – you know you shouldn’t do something, it is bad for you and others, but you do it anyway, because you are addict. Intoxicants enhance addiction and ignorance.

Don’t lie, speak harmful, uselessly

Don’t kill

Don’t steal

The path is there. The law of nature is eternal. It was there, it is there now and it will be there.

Awareness of the field within the body. The reality within the framework of the body.

Sensation – everywhere there is life, there is a sensation, all over the body.

Observe without reacting, whatever manifests itself, moment to moment, moment to moment

Oh, itching sensation. No itch is eternal. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Just observe. Do nothing. As it is, from moment to moment, moment to moment. Pure awareness.

You must do exercise to keep the body strong. Similarly, if your mind is sick, you must do an exercise to keep it healthy, fit, stable, strong.

A wild animal. Must be tamed, trained, patiently and persistently. Living in a society, among others. A danger to be wild.

And when you are angry, you do not keep this anger to yourself. You share it with others. You send it into the atmosphere around you. How can you feel the calm, cool peace when the atmosphere around is so agitated? Ah, so it becomes clear. I must be cool, calm within.

Breath, and sensation.

Gross to subtle reality. When there is sensation, give importance to sensation.

The longer you hold your attention on the sensation in a limited area, the more concentrated your mind will be.

Exercise to keep the mind healthy:

What vices do I have?

Remove them.

What other vices are there?

Close the doors of your mind so they can’t enter.

What virtues do I have? Don’t develop ego, attachment because of them. They are there. These virtues are there.

I must preserve them and multiply them.

What virtues do I not have? I must develop them.

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