A New Adventure

I’ve completed my Masters in Biomechanics, so what’s my next adventure? While I understand the practicality and long term benefits of developing my career, a strong voice inside needs me to continue serving and growing in Dhamma. This world has so much suffering, and Vipassana Meditation is the best way I’ve learned to alleviate some of this pain. Since happiness in the absence of mental purity is fleeting at best, I’ve decided to spend a year serving at the new center in Delaware.

The challenges of supporting a center that hopes to hold its first course sometime this summer is daunting. Instead of walking onto a center that has established the routines and vibrations of Dhamma, I will be helping to create these things from scratch. Considering how different the world functions from a center, this will be quite the transformation.

But it’s this very challenge that has attracted me to Delaware. The most growth can take place in the most difficult of situations. If this new center is successfully established, the old students of New York City and Washington DC will receive tremendous support in their daily practice, and a large population that has never been exposed to this practice will be only a short commute away. This project is a massive undertaking, and there is fear of failure within me, but the courage and strength that comes from my daily practice is more than enough to convince me to jump in head first. Time to meditate.


One thought on “A New Adventure

  1. Anonymous

    You indeed have undertaken a truly wonderful and challenging work. Dhamma service at all levels helps you to develop a great lot of “metta” in yourself. May you succeed in your journey of dhamma and be able to help great many people. With metta………………..

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