Writing for Living Vipassana

I used to cram my head full until it was bursting without taking anytime to process and understand what was going on.  Not much made sense, what I did know was that misery was a regular guest at my table. Keeping a journal helped. Somehow the process of translating what was going on in my muddled head onto a blank sheet of paper gave me more insight into why I was feeling the way I was feeling.

Since discovering Vipassana Meditation and making it part of my life, I believe one of its greatest gifts to me has been the ability to understand the importance of making the time and space to process all that is going on, before it becomes a tangle of knots impossible to unpick.

Finding ‘Living Vipassana’ on the world wide web helped me understand the difficulties I was having in maintaining my daily practice were shared by others; reading others accounts of how Vipassana was impacting their lives encouraged me to examine the changes within me. What could I write about if I was to contribute?

Six months later, contributing fortnightly to this blog  has been a real experience. Being Dyslexic, being able to convey succinctly what I wanted to say has often meant hairs from head have been pulled out in frustration. But with the approach of each deadline it has given me a focus and reason to examine the world around, albeit through the new spectacle glasses I have developed through practicing Vipassana. Whereas before I knew it was helping, now since having had the additional discipline of writing 600 words approx regularly about what was going on, it has helped me understand how and why it is helping me be more happy and content in my life.  I feel privileged to have had this space, and very surprised where this decision has taken me and my practice.  This will be my last ‘personal experience’ blog, it is time to step back and invite you to deepen your understanding and make your voice be heard to become an author on this blog, even if it is just one off. I look forward to reading about your experiences.

Look out for Dhamma Projects, a new feature I have been developing that will be coming to Living Vipassana very soon.

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