I won’t run away

Sticking blindly to a practice does not make us liberated.  Skepticism creeps in. Doubts hover over the tranquility. Through the dark alley behind a gloomy tenement the days pass by. One hour of silence seems to be a wall which can never be scaled. And rest  23 hours are of no respite. Facing  the mundane seems to be the toughest of the jobs.

Whenever in past I did manage to drive this fretfulness away by going under the coverlet of peripheral backing, I have found it coming back to me, invariably.

This time, I stick to only three rules.

‘Skeptic me’ looks for the windows.

But I am adamant. Yes. Quite blindly.

OBSERVE. I observe this agitation in my mind. It’s a time of doubts. But the consciousness of being agitated must not fade in. IT must not dissolve into the moments of blurred stream of accustomed anxiousness.
ACCEPT.  I am accepting it. I am not at peace.  In fact everything is pretty bad in shape. And I am responsible for creating this whole mess.
ZERO REACT. I won’t run away.  I am not going to pull the blanket on me this time.

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