Mind Control

Do you remember watching Professor X from X-Men raise his hand to the side of his head and jump into someone else’s head? Haven’t we all dreamed about having telepathic powers at one time or another? Now I realize that all that time I spent dreaming about telepathy I didn’t even have control of my own mind!

Looking back, it’s amazing to me both how little control I had over my mind prior to meditating, and how much control I thought I had over my mind. I was a victim of my own sensations and I didn’t even know it. Actually, to be completely honest, I’m still a victim of my own sensations.

I love ice cream. Eating meat is comforting. I like the feeling of success. I easily become attached to people that I like. I enjoy the pleasurable sensations that come with these things. I still very much attached to these things.

One major shift is that I no longer have aversion to these attachments. They are a part of who I am today, and I accept and appreciate who I am. Over time, and as I continue my daily practice, these attachments will dissolve and change. Annicha! Time to meditate.

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