Something exciting for Vipassana Meditation practitioners!

It’s been long time, I haven’t written anything at this space but the absence was there for a reason. First, I was not feeling well because of viral infection. It’s interesting to know how I have responded to that situation with equanimity but in this post I would to share something more interesting.

I have undertaken an independent descriptive research – ‘ Role of Vipassana meditation in enhancing Emotional Intelligence’. Throughout last 5 to 6 years, as I matured in Vipassana practice, I have been taking notes and sometime last month I started reflecting on how Vipassana has affected my life in diverse ways. As I reflected on these experiences I asked – whatever is true for me, is it true for other Vipassana mediators? Is this a common pattern among Vipassana mediators or only I am experiencing the change? I decided to validate these assumptions and questions.

In this process, I thought of writing a research paper. I voraciously searched for literature and past research on this subject. I realized that apart from some preliminary work by VRI ( Vipassana Research Institute), there is serious dearth of proven research material. Although, some of the papers are insightful they are based on individual experiences/ perceptions and lack universal acceptance based on proofs. This further motivated me to undertake this work and explain benefits of Vipassana in a language people understand – Business!

The WIIFM syndrome – What’s In It For Me? Is most relevant today so I thought of explaining the benefits that mattered most in a business setting. Emotional Intelligence created a buzz in business world a decade ago and now its considered as backbone of leadership models of well known organizations. Self awareness, Self regulation and Empathy are integral components of Emotional Intelligence ( a term coined by neurologist Daniel Goleman a decade ago). My reflection tells me that I have become more Reflective, more Self Aware, more Self Regulatory and more Empathetic with Vipassana practice but now I want to tell it to the world.
I am trying to establish a correlation of Vipassana and these fundamental building blocks of Emotional Intelligence.

How you can participate in this noble cause?

To validate the hypothesis of my research I have designed a survey which tries to understand behavioural differences of Vipassana practitioner and non- practitioners. In my next post, I would be sharing the link of this survey and I am exhorting all the readers including practitioners and non- practitioners to take up this survey. Both kinds of respondents are equally important for deriving conclusions. The estimated time for taking survey would be 11 minutes so please spare the much time in taking survey. More details would follow in next posts in couple of days.

Please share your thoughts on this. I am sincerely urging you to block your time to take this survey.

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