A Better World

The problems that currently face the world seem impossible to overcome. If humanity is doomed to fail what is the motivation to try to make a difference? We don’t know for sure what the future holds so maybe we should simply be content with doing the best we can? I’ve found meditation to be the key to my own to my own growth and initially I thought the solution was to convince everyone to meditate. If everyone was working on purifying their minds the world would certainly be a better place. But not everyone is ready to take on this challenging journey. If someone chooses a different path from meditation should I just give up on them?

In order to work towards the betterment of mankind, I need to believe in a better world. It would help to have a vision of what this better world would actually look like. It seems that every direction has both its pros and cons so how do we distinguish which path is better than the next?

I tend to come back to the idea that we need to believe in each other. If we can trust that everyone is caring for the interest of the whole it makes it easier to invest time and energy in the whole. Does it all come back to relationship building? Learning to care about the people in our lives? Learning to dissolve our egos and love the imperfections in ourselves and others? I guess I’m just rambling through a whole bunch of confusing questions. Hopefully meditation can help. Time to meditate.

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